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Rift is, currently, a very early Work In Progress game built on Unreal Engine 5.
Rift is mainly set on an alternate Earth to our own.
In Rift, you play as a young woman, who sneaks aboard an oribital space station which holds experimental technology that allows people to jump between universes.
She's doing this to seek an AI which contains the location of her long lost brother.
In her journey across this alternate Earth, she uncovers a larger plot that could threaten all life on our own Earth.


Tappr is a small game built for iOS and Android. This was a rebuild of a very old version which I made on Unity many, many years ago. Since I released it, Google made an update to Google Play to only allow their new file type, .aab. This is, basically, a wrapper for .apk files to allow Google Play to only download the type of the app your phone needs.

As I said above, the original game was made on Unity and only for Android, since I didn't have access to an OSX device to build for iOS.
This version was built using Expo for React Native.

EGL Project Path Manager

EGL Project Path Manager, short for Epic Games Launcher Project Path Manager, is a path manager for the Epic Games Launcher, shocking, I know.

The EGL doesn't, at the moment, have a way to select paths to look in when searching for Unreal Engine projects. This ends up in the EGL not being able to see your project, preventing you from managing the project from EGL and adding marketplace assets automatically.
This can be fixed by adding your project directory to the EGL config file, however, this tool is designed to make that easier and faster.
It isn't much, but it gets the job done.

You can view it on GitHub here.

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