R6 Phoenix

A Discord Bot for Rainbow Six Siege

2019 - 2019





What is it?

R6 Phoenix is a Discord bot I built for the game Rainbow Six Siege. It was built shortly after a large stat tracking platform for Rainbow 6 Siege had to shut down due to funding issues. I built this as a replacement for my friends and I to use.

How did it work?

The bot was built using DSharpPlus and was hosted on Heroku. It used the Ubisoft APIs to grab a players stats by their username.

At one point it stored the players stats in a database to reduce the amount of requests it made to the Ubisoft API and improve the response time of the bot, since I didn't have to constantly re-request the stats, but I felt that, due to the small amount of users, it really didn't need the backend database, so it was removed.

To use it, all the user has to do is start a command with `!r6` then enter their username. At that point the bot would grab the player stats from Ubisoft and return it in the Discord channel that the user requested it from.