UPaT Has Been Released!

September 14, 2021

What is UPaT?

UPaT (UnrealPak Tool) is a tool for interacting with UnrealPak.exe without the need for the command line. UnrealPak.exe is a tool released with all Unreal Engine versions. Its main purpose is compressing game files into a .pak file, similar to .zip or .rar.

I built the tool for the purpose of extracting .pak files of games I didn't make, to see how they were built. Using Halo: MCC to test the tool, I am able to extract the .pak file and see how it was organised. A little known fact: MCC is just a launcher/emulator for the Halo games and is built using Unreal Engine.

What can it do?

Not a lot at the current time. It can only extract .pak files into a selected directory but I am considering adding more functionality including the other functions of UnrealPak.exe.

I included the ability to manually select a version of UnrealPak.exe just if there is an event where UnrealPak becomes incompatible with the version of Unreal the targeted game is using.


You can download UPaT from Github: https://github.com/Rhyce/UPaT

So there's really not much else to say, the tool is built using WPF and C#, I built it in a few hours and I need to clean up its code.

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