Hello, World!

April 29, 2019

So, where do I begin? My name, if you haven't quite guessed it already, is Rhyce. I'm 21, at the time of this post, and from the UK. I enjoy programming and game development and have knowledge of many languages from C++ to C# to PHP to Javascript. I'm no god of any language and would never say I am. There's still plenty for me to learn.

So what's with the website? I've come across an issue with myself, I find myself hopping between different projects and finding it hard to stay focused. This site is a way for me to try and become more focused by posting the things that are going on in my head, which should help me figure things out and make better progress. I will also post my thoughts and talk about what I am working on, share some tutorials, and explain how some things work in games although I will be focusing mainly on my own.

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