UPaT Has Been Released!

September 14, 2021

Hey! Just a note, this has been pulled from my old site so, while this site is being built, some things may not work correctly or look right during the migration.

What is UPaT?

UPaT (UnrealPak Tool) is a tool for interacting with UnrealPak.exe without the need for the command line. UnrealPak.exe is a tool released with all Unreal Engine versions. Its main purpose is compressing game files into a .pak file, similar to .zip or .rar.

I built the tool for the purpose of extracting .pak files of games I didn't make, to see how they were built. Using Halo: MCC to test the tool, I am able to extract the .pak file and see how it was organised. A little known fact: MCC is just a launcher/emulator for the Halo games and is built using Unreal Engine.

What can it do?

Not a lot at the current time. It can only extract .pak files into a selected directory but I am considering adding more functionality including the other functions of UnrealPak.exe.

I included the ability to manually select a version of UnrealPak.exe just if there is an event where UnrealPak becomes incompatible with the version of Unreal the targeted game is using.


You can download UPaT from Github: https://github.com/Rhyce/UPaT

So there's really not much else to say, the tool is built using WPF and C#, I built it in a few hours and I need to clean up its code.