GIF Not Working on WordPress?

April 25, 2021

So for an upcoming post, I attempted to upload a GIF to my site which, if you haven't noticed, runs on WordPress. The problem I encountered was that it wasn't playing. Strange, this is an Animated GIF. It should be playing.
When you upload an image file to WordPress, WordPress will automatically generate a couple of different sizes for it, thumbnails, "medium" and "large", because calling them that is useful.

On the first upload, the GIF played fine but I had to reupload it and that's where things went south. It turns out, for some reason, when adding the image to a post, WordPress will select the "Large" image size by default. Cool. But this is a GIF and WordPress doesn't care.

Why doesn't this GIF work?

So how do we correct this?

Well, select your image in the post then look to the right bar, you see the bar? Good. Now you have "Image settings" and under that, you have "Image size". What you want to do is go ahead and open that drop-down and select "Full Size". Go ahead, do it, and bask in the glory that is your GIF now working.

Now it works but WordPress butchered the FPS. Thanks WordPress. Everybody say "Thanks, WordPress!"

And there you have it, a simple fix to a problem that really shouldn't exist. Why showing GIFs properly in posts isn't the default is beyond me. Now I have the problem if it showing at a far lower FPS than what I uploaded it at.

I've had so many problems with WordPress I'd like to end this post with a quote by...me:

Fuck WordPress

- Rhyce Smith, 2021
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